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Protest in Skouries, Halkidiki, Greece: A just struggle will not be stifled by riot police chemicals


On Sunday 23/11/214, more than 1500 people, marched in protest at the Skouries mining site on Mount Kakavos – the mountain the Canadian mining company Eldorado Gold is destroying to make way for a large scale gold-copper mining project. As the first protesters reached the entrance of Eldorado Gold’s construction site, 17 riot police squads began repelling people of all ages, with excessive use of chemicals.

B3MT2h9CUAAw_M1The police attacks continued, with straight shots (with chemical launch weapons) against the protesters and there was at least one injured person, who was taken to a neaby health center.

The protesters remained in place for more than three hours – despite the repeated attacks by police.

Once again, the right to protest was sacrificed on the altar of «investments». Once again, the Greek police, has played the role of a private security company, mounting wild murderous attacks on unarmed protesters.

We have every right to defend our land and our lives. No matter how much violence is used, how many attempts are made to create faits accomplis, we will continue our struggle until the final victory and vindication.

Soon the time will come, when all those responsible for the crime that is taking place in Halkidiki, will be held accountable.



Photos: Marios Lolos

Photos: Seleo

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