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Women chain themselves to the main entrance gate of Eldorado Gold’s Skouries mining site

Early this morning, twelve women have blockaded the entrance to Eldorado Gold’s Skouries mining site in Halkidiki, Greece in a peaceful, symbolic protest against an amendment which –if voted tomorrow in the Greek Parliament- legalizes all the construction activities of the processing plant in Skouries which have to date not received any construction permits.

Four of the women have chained themselves to the gates of the site entrance. There is police presence at the site of the protest, and officers have stated to the protestors that there will be arrests if the gates need to open in order for company vehicles to pass.

The protestors are calling for public support.

They are also calling upon the Members of the Summer Chamber of the Greek Parliament to reject article 36 of the recently proposed law for forests which comes to vote tomorrow, Tuesday, as well as the despicable amendment which “photographically” attempts to legalize construction activities which Eldorado Gold has been advancing without the required legal permits for over a year.