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Solidarity from the Committee for a Workers International

Solidarity with the struggle against gold mining in Greece

We, the representatives of different sections of the Committee for a Workers International, have been informed about your struggle during the international meeting we had this week.

Representatives of our international in Greece, Xekinima, gave us an account of the catastrophe that will be imposed in Chalkidiki if gold mining procedes, and also about your important struggle against multinationals, big construction companies, the police and the mainstream media, all of whom have the support of the Greek government.

Representing parties and political organisations in different countries in every continent, we will strive to inform working people, trade unions and social movements about the battle of Chalkidiki and put pressure in all those responsible in order to end the catastrophe, stop the repression of the anti-gold movement and drop of all the charges against the activists.

In solidarity

From the International Executive Committee of the Committee for a Workers International

Belgium, 6 December 2013

  •      Shahar Benhorin (Socialist Struggle Movement)
  •      Hannah Sell (Socialist Party)
  •      Sally Tang (Socialist Action)
  •      Arne Johansson (Socialist Justice Party)
  •      Stephen Boyd (Socialist Party)
  •      Mametlwe Sebei (Democratic Socialist Movement)
  •      Pelnola Adewale  (Democratic Socialist Movement)
  •      Ravi Chandren (CWI Malaysia)
  •      Jagadish G.Chandra (New Socialist Alternative)
  •      Srinath Perera (United Socialist Party)
  •      Andre Ferrari (LSR)
  •      Johan Rivas (Socialismo Revolucionario)
  •      Giuliano Brunetti (Contro Corrente)
  •      Robert Jones (Russian CWI)
  •      Sascha Stanicic (SAV)
  •      Leila Messaudi (Gauche Revolutionnaire)
  •      Antony Main (Socialist Party)
  •      Sonja Grusch (Socialist Left Party)
  •      Bart Vadenteene (Left Socialist Party)
  •      Philip Stott (Socialist Party of Scotland)
  •      Kacper Pluta (Alternatywa Socjalistyana)
  •      Ty Moore (Socialist Alternative)
  •      Patricio Gusman S. (Socialismo Revolucionario)
  •      Victoria Lara Pelaez (Socialismo Revolucionario)
  •      Goncalo Romeiro (Socialismo Revolucionario)
  •      Αθηνά Καρυάτη (Νέα Διεθνιστική Αριστερά)
  •      Franco Liberati (Alternativa Socialista Revolucionaria)
  •      Nihat Boycaz (Sosyalist Alternatif)
  •      Ainur Kurmanov (CWI Kazakstan)
  •      Rogelio Diaz Moreno (Observatorio Critico)
  •      Khalid Bhatti (Socialist Movement Pakistan)


  •     Paul Murphy – European PM (Socialistic Party of Ireland)
  •     Joe Higgins  – PM of Ireland (Socialistic Party)
  •     Tony Saunois – On behalf of the Committee for a Workers International