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A message from the People’s Health Movement – Canada

People’s Health Movement Canada sends warm greetings to communities across Greece who are resisting mining companies. We in PHM Canada stand in solidarity with you, in particular against those mine projects that find their legal and financial home in Canada.

We recognize that our country’s history is based on the colonisation of the lands of indigenous peoples for the primary purpose of resource extraction.

We recognize that these dynamics continue today, both on indigenous territories in our country and elsewhere across the world.

We all know that these projects, unless checked, have a profound impact on the physiology of people, the biology of ecologies, as well as on the economic and political structures of societies in a way that radically diminishes the potential for full health.

We grieve the loss of life, both human and non-human, that come with these projects. We see this impact from mines and petroleum projects across our own country, as in yours, by challenging the extractivist model of development.

We are inspired by the courageous struggles of communities, often facing violence, to resist these projects, and we give them our support. And we hope you will support us as we work to dismantle the economic and political structures here that allow for such injustice to be perpetuated. May we have many years of collaboration ahead of us.

In solidarity,

PHM Canada