in English / Ψηφίσματα/Μηνύματα συμπαράστασης

Ψήφισμα της SAV Στουτγκάρδης

Dear fighters against gold mining in Halkidiki,

we, Socialist Alternative (SAV), in Stuttgart have been active against Stuttgart 21 since the middle of the 1990s. Stuttgart 21 is an unnecessary mega-project that is intended to replace a well functional railway station with an underground station to create free space for property speculation. During the last years we tried to develop the networking with other movements against unnecessary mega-projects.

Through our comrades of Xekinima in Greece we learned about your struggle in Halkidiki and tried to publicise it inside the movement against Stuttgart 21. During a visit of a comrade of Xekinima in Stuttgart we organised a speech at a demo and a special meeting where she reported about the movements against unnecessary mega-projects in Greece and especially against the gold mining in Skouries.

We congratulate you for your resistance during the last years and wish you strength to continue your struggle.

Yours in solidarity
Wolfram Klein for Socialist Alternative (SAV, German section of the
Committee for a Workers’ International, CWI), Stuttgart