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Solidarity message from Working Group «Stuttgart 21 is everywhere»

Dear Fellow Campaigners,

we learned about your call for protests on November 9th and want to express our solidarity. We are activists of the movement against Stuttgart 21, an unnecessary mega-project that is intended to replace a well functional railway station with an underground station to create free space for property speculation.

In our resistance against Stuttgart 21 we recognised, that the networking with other movements against unnecessary mega-projects means a strengthening in our struggle. That’s why our working group combined with other resistance groups against unnecessary mega-projects, participated in the international Forums against unnecessary mega-projects in 2011 in the Susa valley in Italy and in 2012 in Notre Dame des Landes in France and initiated this summer the 3rd Forum in Stuttgart.

A special highlight in Stuttgart was the participation of fellow campaigners against the gold mining project in Rosia Montana in Rumania. Their reports increased massively our understanding of the destruction caused by such mining projects. It was reported to us that the 4th forum against unnecessary mega projects is to take place there in Mai 2014.

In the struggle against Stuttgart 21 we learned that the official arguments in favour of such unnecessary mega-projects are only facades, behind them are hidden the economic interests of a small minority. Therefore we can’t stop these destructive projects simply by refuting their arguments, but only by organising determined resistance.

That’s why we congratulate you for your resistance up to now and wish you strength to continue the struggle in spite of repression, criminalisation and the fact that the destruction of your region has already begun.

Yours in solidarity
Working Group «Stuttgart 21 is everywhere»