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Solidarity message from Corcoesto, Galicia

Our solidarity with your struggle

and in particular with the day on Saturday November 9.

Hugs solidarity from Corcoesto

Hello SOS HALKIDIKI from Plataforma pola defensa de Corcoesto e Bergantiños.

Corcoesto is a little village in the province of A Coruña, in the region of Bergantiños, located in the Comunidad Autónoma of Galicia, in northwestern Spain. Corcoesto and Bergantiños inhabitants are very friendly and hospitable people, who live from agriculture, livestock, forestry, fishing, shell fishing and tourism.

We have followed your struggle with enormous respect and with great admiration. Coping harder to police repression and the Greek State. Our most sincere congratulations on your drive and defense of the land, of nature and the resources we have inherited and that we have to bequeath to future generations.

As you probably know, we fight against a proposed gold open pit mine, with the use of massive amounts of cyanide, in arsenic-rich soils, in our wonderful and charming village of Corcoesto, which would affect not only to Corcoesto, if not all around (to the whole region of Bergantiños), damaging all family farms and destroying the jobs generated in them.

Once again we are talking about a Canadian mining company – Edgewater Exploration, which aims to wipe us out, using all available resources (economic crisis, job promises – temporary and in a number much lower than those in family farms, their relationships with local and regional authorities as well as with certain media, strong advertising campaigns, wills purchase, attacks to professionals – authors of scientific reports unfavorable to their interests, others).

At present, the Government of Galicia has stalled the alleged mining Project for a second time (July and October 2013), but only verbally and claiming exclusively financial reasons (environmental and social reasons are not mentioned in the oral statement of the Galician Government). But we are very cautious and we fear that the resolution could be dictated to not harm the interests of the mining company, which has already threatened to go to Court to enforce their rights.

Meanwhile we continue with our struggle (with demonstrations, campaigns to inform citizens, collecting scientific community supports, introducing lawsuits, sending press releases, participating in a documentary funded via crowdfunding and with our presence at all those events in which it is possible). Fortunately, people are becoming better informed and more aware, and this results in a greater number of supports, but we are aware that the road ahead is still very long and very laborious. Our struggle will continue until we get the complete cancellation of the Project and the mining company is gone forever.

With this short note we want to show our full support to your struggle and our willingness to collaborate with you in all that we possibly can.


You can find information about us and about our struggle on the following links:

Best regards,