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Solidarity From Plataforma Salvemos Cabana (Galicia, Spain)

From Plataforma Salvemos Cabana (Galicia, Spain) to Halkikidi
Dear friends:
From our people in the village of Cabana de Bergantiños, our solidarity and support in your fight against Eldorado Gold and toxic mining. From the first time in Galicia, we are fighting too against another canadian company, called Edgewater Exploration Ltd. and the Corcoesto gold mine project.
Corcoesto is a location of our village (one of ten places) and all we are affected by this project. The Corcoesto gold project was aimed to be located in an area of 774 hectares in the northwest of Spain, approximately 50 km. far from the main city of La Coruna, in the Autonomous Community of Galicia. This open-pit gold mine project want to operate over 13 years generating 17 millions of tons of toxic waste, and using 1,49 tons of cyanide daily.
As you know open pit mining is an industrial activity with high environmental, social and cultural impact. In the case of gold and other minerals, the traditional underground mining projects have been displaced by the open pit mines where gold is dispersed into tiny particles in a vaste, large deposits. This type of mining process removes the topsoil to make avaliable the exvensive mineral deposits of low gold content.
The main problem is associated with the use of cyanide, because this chemical substance is one of the most potent poisons for use in contact with the environment and can result in irreparable damage to both human health and the environment, because even at low doses can affect all the vital systems from human body. The health effects can last for months or years, ranging from the risk of cancer to reproductive problems, hyperthyroidism or permanente damage to the nervous system.
From Citizen Plattform Salvemos Cabana (Save Cabana) fight against this great environmental and social injustice. Our website (, was the first information site to explain in two languajes what was the problem and we lauch the official signatures petition against Corcoesto gold mine project ( We coordinate too a main part of the Salvemos Galicia campaign (
Another part of our effort was related with inform to the people, doing during the last year 25 conferences in against toxic mining in universities, high schools and cultural centers in all galician territory and informing house by house our neighbors and friends.
We make an official writing to canadian ambassador in Spain, Jon Allen ( and during this year he have direct contact with European Parliament deputies to fight against this problem and ban cyanide in toxic mining projects (
9TH November is a great moment for you, for all, to tell the world that LIFE IS MORE THAN GOLD. LIFE IS NOT FOR TRADE
From Plataforma Salvemos Cabana, we are going to lauch with the cooperation of WE ARE ALL GREEKS website ( a massive social networks campaing to SAVE SKOURIES and make a STRONG DEFENSE of Halkidiki, your home, that 9TH November will be our home too.
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