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Message from Naomi Klein

» As many of you know, I spent a stretch of time in Ierissos at the start of the summer during which I learned everything I could about your struggle against Eldorado Gold. There is no doubt in my mind that powerful forces in both your country and mine are doing their best to put you into a state of fear and shock, precisely because they know that these are the conditions under which they can best subvert the democratic will of the people and push through their project. Indeed your community was literally invaded by shock troops, an attack that terrorized your children and robbed sleep and security from all of you. These ugly tactics continue to this day.

And yet what is remarkable about your community, and why you have become a symbol of hope to the rest of the world, is that these shock tactics have not worked. Indeed they have backfired. Again and again you have proved yourselves shock resistant. The more they have attempted to scare you, disorient you, terrorize you, the more you have behaved fearlessly. You have refused to hide in your homes, refused to retreat. You have, instead, gathered together in public with ever more creativity and defiance.

What The Shock Doctrine shows is that multinational corporations and their representatives in government always have their ideas and projects ready and waiting for  when crises hit. Our task in this historical moment is to beat them at their own game. We must use both the economic and ecological crises that are rocking the world (which both have their roots in the same logic of unfettered greed) to confidently and forcefully propose and enact our and social alternatives, ones based on a very different logic and very different values. Unlike our opponents, we must do this not by crushing democracy but by deepening it.

We can build a new world in the rubble of their failures. In your valiant struggle – in the way you have not only challenged a multinational corporation but challenged your deepest selves — you are already showing the way.

Thank you for protecting the water, the trees, the soil, the future.

With love, solidarity and gratitude,
Naomi Klein»